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What parents are saying

A photo of James Fredrickson

James Fredrickson

I so wish you could be in the car when I pick up from TGC 1 to hear all the good things about what they are learning and doing in class! I particularly love when TGC comes up in other conversations or situations...."Oh, we're talking about this in TGC!” is one of my favorite things to hear when I know my kids are "getting it" at making connections. Our family is blessed by Schola!

A photo of Mitch Brians

Mitch Brians

I wanted to let you know the TAMU physics outcome for our son! He earned an A in his first semester physics course! We are so proud of him...Wanted to give you another thumbs up and pat on the back for his physics prep at Schola.

A photo of Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews

Schola has been a huge blessing for our family. The Cottage School with the lower grades is a wonderful addition to an already successful program. Our son loves the interaction with friends and the classical instruction by Mrs. Kisiel in the Primary 2-3 class. He looks forward to seeing friends each week, and going through the class material during his learning time at home. We are excited to have the support of Schola at this younger age, and look forward to being here for a long time!

A photo of Rachel Peters

Rachel Peters

TGC is a fantastic series - university level in rigor while teaching God's Word in the context of Western thought.

A photo of Jeanne Sucheon

Jeanne Sucheon

Mrs. Hart, we thank you! Our son’s ACT science section score increased 4 points!!! We are so thankful, for it bumped him up to a higher academic scholarship of $8000 more per year - so a total of $32,000! Praise God!

A photo of Chris Wiley

Chris Wiley

When I reflect back over these last four years and consider the impact Schola has made on our family, I am intensely grateful. These courses, which literally carried us through high school, also impacted our Christian faith, equipped my kids to tackle hard subjects and high teacher expectations, provided like-minded and positive friendships, and gave me an avenue to help them navigate high school successfully and prepare for college. Thank you, Mrs. Hart, Mrs. Samuelsen, Mrs. Vickrey, Mrs. Zimmerman, and Mrs. Kirby for bringing quality into the classroom and investing so deeply into your students.

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